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Saint Bernards
"The St. Bernard Dog is a large breed of dog originally bred for rescue and as a working dog. A full-grown male can weigh between 150 and 220 lb (68 and 100 kg) and the approximate height is 27.5 inches to 35 inches. According to several resources they are one of the largest dog breeds. There are two varieties of the breed: the short-haired or smooth-coat variety and the long-haired or rough-coat variety.

The Saint Bernard is known for its loyalty and vigilance and is tolerant of both children and animals. Because of these traits, it has become a family dog. They also make good watchdogs, as their size can be intimidating to strangers, though their temperament is gentle.

The ancestors of the St. Bernard are the herding dogs of Swiss farmers as well as hunting dogs and watchdogs. Their history has also been connected with the hospice at the Great St. Bernard Pass. First reports of the dogs' presence at the pass date to the 17th century, and they remained loyal companions to the monks there."

Information quoted from Wikipedia

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My thanks to my sister Laura for allowing me to use pictures of her Saint Bernard puppy Shiloh for the layout image and for some of the codes. The remainder of the code images were from various paintings and photos I found around the internet including at Wikipedia.

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